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Thursday September 26th 2013, 2:42 pm
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I was apprehensive about working with RSS Feeds as I truly don’t need more to read daily.  I opened my account at thru and found it quite user friendly.  I added my link to the Firefox tool bar, but when I went to my first site to subscribe to, the options on the toolbar did not include Feedly.   I tried it again and again, but Feedly did not come up on the choices.  So to add them to my reader profile, I copied and pasted the feeds I wanted to follow directly into my site on Feedly.  Then they worked.

So the exploration began.  I completed all the exercises in Week 3 and added the appropriate feeds.  Then I wanted to try my own flavour of feeds.  Being a bit of a foodie, my choices included Gordon Ramsay, Anna Olson and of course the first lady of foodie land, Martha Stewart.  I was disappointed at first as I went to their sites and did find the “subscribe” button (other than subscribe to my magazine), so I poked around for their blogs.  I was successful in all but Anna Olson who didn’t have any blogs I could follow or subscribe to.  I chuckled as here I was only 3 weeks into my tech course and already berating celebrities for not having blogs or updates I could add to my feeder – too funny!

RSS pulled an update from the Martha Stewart blog.  I was inspired by the Home Made Jam blog and decided to send it to my phone.

"Pardez, A. (2011).  Three Jams [Photograph]  Living Blog.  Retrieved from on September 25, 2013.

“Pardez, A. (2011). Three Jams [Photograph] Living Blog. Retrieved from on September 25, 2013.

I love making Jam and since I was going to the market today anyway, picking up the ingredients to make the house smell wonderful with the jam making process, why not.  I found this really fun and ultimately convenient.  Another section of the blog feed interested me too.  It was a MS version of “my favourite things”  titled We love this week.  Some great ideas here for fall coziness.

My adventure into exploring the benefits of the RSS feeds and Feedly will continue this week.  Next – load it to my phone and my ipad.  Oh my, I think I am turning into a techi!

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