Week 3 Report and Reflection – Am I FEEDLYing too much?
Monday September 30th 2013, 2:06 am
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After completing all parts of our Week 3 activities and exercises, ‘Life’ kind of took over, so I was without a computer for 3 days.  This was actually an interesting part of my week – not knowing was missing 3 days of my Feedly would result in.

" Doyle, J. (2011). Your Career Sign [Photograph].  Business of Work Blog.  Retrieved from http://businessofwork.blogs.xerox.com Sept 29, 2013."

” Doyle, J. (2011). Your Career Sign [Photograph]. Business of Work Blog. Retrieved from http://businessofwork.blogs.xerox.com Sept 29, 2013.”

I found some great information and took the advice to learn how to ‘skim’ the reading so not to end up with more work than I had started with.  My challenge was that I got wrapped up in the personal interest feeds more than the PLE triggering feeds – but then I pondered…isn’t this really the point of weeks’ 3 ‘s exploration?  To understand, prioritize, and then filter out the use of Feedly to learn to balance my personal ‘non-traditional’ learning environment feeds with my professional and more ‘traditional’ learning feeds.   Both areas are part of my PLE!  The difference would be learning to balance the personal vs. professional learning and understanding how they still link together to form my PLE. 

I have already posted the wonderful jam blog I reviewed.  Since I was hosting a huge 80th birthday part on the weekend and one of the desserts required jam, I thought to try to make it to include in my dessert.  The desert I was making happened to be the birthday boys favourite cake as well, so why not!  Here is where the challenge came in for me – I ended up wanting to try too many of the cool things on my Feedly – they just looked so good.  Lesson to take from this…learn how to filter the blogs I have signed up for.  I have to learn to filter frequency and topic I will have to filter.

As a teacher, I am always looking for new, innovative, and (frankly) cool tools to e able to introduce into my classroom (that the students would jump at using.  I also want the students to see me as a cool teacher who uses innovative, creativity, and technological options in the classroom.    

More toys could translate into more tools I can use to communicate, teach, and guide my class.  As a teacher of marketing, it is expected that I understand how each tool works.

I wanted to add a blog that could do this for me, so I did some hunting and came upon IKEEPSAFE and an IKEEPSAFE blog speaking to my need to address collaboration and creative content. 

‘ This collaborative curriculum, which will be piloted in CA classrooms and is entitled “Be a Creator,”  will provide videos, lesson plans, activities, and handouts to educators and parents to inspire creativity and help them educate students about the importance of being creative and protecting creativity by showing them that they are creators just like their favorite musicians, actors, and artists.’ (Hancock, 2013).

I am going to follow this topic on IKEEPSAFE even though it speaks to students between K-12, it must have adaptation opportunities for me to look into.

Now I can see the IKEEPSAFE site and blog a definite tool for my PLE to help me create a better learning environment for my students and even tie it to my collaboration sphere with my fellow teachers.  I will also need to see and review more blogs on the site to ensure it is not just more reading for me – it must have purpose and function which fits to my overall professional learning objective.


Hancock, M. (2013, Sept 27 ). Why is IKEEPSAFE Collaborating to Teach Students About Creative Content Online? . Retrieved from www.ikeepsafe.org: http://www.ikeepsafe.org/educational-issues/why-is-ikeepsafe-collaborating-to-teach-students-about-creative-content-online/

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